Alcoholic Beverages

Bottle Drinks Bottle
Asahi £3.60
Magners £3.50
Tsing Tao £3.20
Asahi Black £4.20
Spirits 25ml and mixer
Bacardi, Gordons Gin, £2.60 £3.45
Jack Daniels, Smirnoff Vodka
Archers Peach, Bells Whisky,
Brandy, Malibu, Disaronno,
Southern Comfort, Tia Maria,
Captain Morgan, Baileys.

Plum Wine Bottle 175ml

Premium quality £17.95 £5.00
takara plum wine served chilled (abv 10%)

Umeshu Soda
(Plum Wine & Soda) £4.00

Sake 150ml 250ml

Hot Ozeki 14.5% £4.50 £5.90
(Served hot in a flask)
Cold Ozeki 14.5% £4.50 £5.90
(Served in a flask)

Sierra Cold Sake 12% 300ml £8.80
Shochikubai Gokai Nama Sake 13.5% 300ml £8.80
Shochikubai Nigori Creme de Sake 15% 300ml £8.80

Shochu Bottle
Kirishima (Sweet potato) – 20% 900ml £37.00
Satsuma Shiranami Kurokoji – 25% 900ml £37.00
Ikkomon Imo Shochu – 25% 720ml £46.90

Soft Drinks & Fruit Juices

Soft Drinks Half Pint / Pint
Coca Cola £1.60 / £2.70
Diet Coca Cola £1.60 / £2.70
Lemonade £1.60 / £2.70
Fanta Orange £1.60 / £2.70

Fruit Juice Half Pint / Pint
Orange Juice £1.70 / £2.80
Pineapple Juice £1.70 / £2.80
Apple Juice £1.70 / £2.80
Cranberry Juice £1.70 / £2.80
Soda Lime £1.20 / £1.80
Nishmura Special £1.80 / £2.90

Bottle Soft Drinks Bottle
J20 £2.20
(Apple & Mango or Orange & Passion Fruit)
Appetizer £2.20
Fruit Shoot £1.00

Bottle Water Bottle
Still Water £1.70
Sparkling Water £1.70

Tea Regular Large
Iced Lemon Tea £2.20 £3.20
Japanese Hot Green Tea £1.20
Cold Green Tea £1.80
Tap water is subject to a service charge of 30p per person.


1. Chile Volandas Sauvignon Blanc
A typically fresh and lively wine, with the aromas of gooseberry and newly cut grass on the nose.
£3.95 per 175ml glass / £14.85 per bottle

2. Italy San Giorgio Pinot Grigio
Shows an aromatic nose full of floral and mineral scents and a well-balanced, crisp palate.
£14.95 per bottle

3. Australia Mountbridge Chardonnay
A beautifully balanced, fruity white with crisp citrussy fruit, honeyed pineapple and melon hints.
£16.95 per bottle

4. N. Zealand Neptune Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Great quality New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, full of cut grass and nettle character.
£16.45 per bottle

5. France Leduc Viognier Vdp
It is full bodied, dripping with juicy nectarine, melon and papaya flavours, finishing rounded and succulent.
£19.45 per bottle

6. France Paul Delane Chablis AC
Rich, ripe poached pear character, hints of peach with zingy acidity, minerality and immensely long finish.
£17.95 per bottle


7. Chile Volandas Merlot
Rich dark cherry and lovely earthy tones. Soft and easy drinking.
£3.95 per 175ml glass / £14.95 per bottle

8. Australia Euca Hill Shiraz
Great dark, plum fruits with a firm structure and persistent finish.
£14.95 per bottle

9. France Denis Marchais Cabernet Sauvignon
A bright, juicy red with soft, subtle blackberry fruit and a silk texture.
£16.95 per bottle

10. Spain Coto de Major Crianza
A light red, soft and appealing on the nose, with flavours of soft summer fruits.
£16.45 per bottle

11. N. Zealand Neptune Point Pinot Noir
Smooth and perfectly balanced wine with notes of plum and black cherry.
£19.95 per bottle


12. Italy San Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rosato
Soft, with red summer fruits and a silky, yet persistent finish.
£3.95 per 175ml glass / £14.95 per bottle

13. Chile Volondas Rose
Scents of ripe strawberry and dark cherries on the nose. A deliciously harmonious wine in perfect balance.
£16.45 per bottle

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